Thứ ba 21/05/2019

Các dự án nông nghiệp đã hoàn thành

Các dự án đã hoàn thànhCác dự án Nông nghiệp đã hoàn thành bởi FAO.

Nhà tài trợ và thời gian được để trong ngoặc

  • Policy and Strategy for Agricultural Cooperative Development based on the New Cooperative Law, 1996 VIE/98/010/08/012 (UNDP: 1998-1999)
  • Fruit Fly Management TCP/VIE/8823 (FAO 1998-2000)
  • Policy Support for a Competitive Agriculture in the ASEAN TCP/VIE/8821 (FAO 1998-1999)
  • Emergency Supply of Agricultural Inputs in Flood-affected Districts of Quang Tri Province. TCP/VIE/8925
  • Emergency Supply of Agricultural Inputs in Flood-affected Districts of Quang Tri Province. TCP/VIE/8925
  • Strengthening provincial capacity to manage integrated agricultural support services (UNDP: 1996-98)
  • Integrated snail management in rice (FAO: 1996-98)
  • Low cost meat processing technologies (FAO: 1996-98)
  • Improving well-being of poor farmers by developing milk production from local resources (FAO: 1996-98)
  • Strengthening national capacity of hybrid rice research, research management, and hybrid seed production technology for food security (FAO: 1996-98)
  • Foot and mouth disease surveillance control and strategy formulation (FAO: 1996-98)
  • Follow-up agriculture and food production sector review (UNDP: 1996)
  • Development of new co-operative system (FAO: 1995-96)
  • Development of agriculture support services (FAO: 1994)
  • Animal health and epidemiology (FAO: 1994-96)
  • Fertilizer donation and distribution to Viet Nam (Netherlands: 1993-94)
  • Assistance in developing a new cooperative system (FAO: 1993-94)
  • Preparation for donor conference (Consultative Group) (FAO: 1993-94)
  • Support for the wide spread utilization of new generations of high-yielding rice varieties (FAO: 1992-93)
  • Agricultural extension programme (UNDP: 1992-93)
  • Support in agricultural policy analysis for transition to a market-oriented economy (FAO: 1992-93)
  • Training in soya milk processing (FAO: 1991)
  • Problem soil management (FAO: 1990-91)
  • Improvement of temperate fruit trees in Northern Vietnam (FAO: 1990-91)
  • Policy impact analysis and planning (FAO: 1990-91)
  • Cotton improvement and extension (UNDP: 1990-93)
  • Production of pineapple on acid sulphate soils and pineapple waste utilization (UNDP: 1989-93)
  • Training in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of technical cooperation projects (FAO: 1989-90)
  • Better use of by-product for animal feed (FAO: 1989-91)